rough end of the stream good start, thanks for watching, next time you guys see me i’ll be at the tsm house.

 streaming for around 8 hours or so again. going to be looking to play gnar,sion,viktor,singed,etc.

thanks for watching, will be streaming a lot for the next few months. my schedule is a bit random but whenever i’m awake it’s stream time.

 diamond 2 noob

  • Since I my flight got messed up doesn't mean my vacation got longer, I'll be streaming in hawaii until my flight.

i regret not stopping the decay on my main while overseas, i get like +25 lp in diamond 2 lol

  • Can somebody find a dictionary for me holy moly

toasterfucker asked: Riot should put a are you over 18 warning on all their streams for today This is a rape joke and frankly I'm disappointed in you Dyrus I thought you knew better and were more mature than that

Somebody else answer this for me pls

  • I ended up accidently spending my last day of vacation sleeping for 17 hours.