Playing league on a world level is fun and really tiring at the same time. Though I feel like every team could be playing better on stage then they are now


TSM Mundo! -Wallpaper and Transparent! - Just me being a bit too enthusiastic and hopeful! BUT I WILL CARRY MY TEAM!! FK IT! BAYLIFE! TSM~ <3

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Tldr gonna do my best to make you guys proud.

I said humbling stuff on twitter and fb but for you guys fuk all the haters if we beat ssw somehow we taking it to the finals.

Atleast we showed north america isn’t a pushover like the last two years that can compete with everyone that isn’t samsung white. God bless murica.

And thanks for all the support


Here the complete serie of “Sona rework” comic, made for HappyLeagueFriends.  Story by Philidia, Art by HolyElfGirl

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I can never wake up in time for free breakfast catering because of how my schedule works. Apparently it’s really good and has dimsum.

My dad loves twitter

My dad loves twitter

I have a feeling a lot of you guys would enjoy reading my dads twitter feed today

You also looked way different in high school

You also looked way different in high school