atleast I can express myself on tumblr actually, zion deserved to win those games, not so much the mundo one but the nasus and olaf he delivered.

im in jail

ahhhh god I can’t express myself at all right now.

Enough of the boring stuff I’m predicting 60-40 in curse favor. Unless clg goes super saiyan tomorrow I believe In rush hour hard carry

But for real though, playing team fight champs against split pushers and almost never get to team fight, great times…

Ggs to dig and zion, I didn’t do anything all series but we did it. After playoffs is over for us I plan to do a vlog to explain things.


League of Legends rivalries (by Riot Artist Alvin Lee) ~Tesla 

(via leagueoflegendsonly)

did a vlog update on what’s been going on recently, my top 3 solo queue champion suggestions for top, and some of the future in the description

I wake up to play solo queue

NA IS DOWN WHY ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

so I decide to play hearthstone while I wait…


no stream for the rest of the week and no social media from Wednesday on until then cya later